Solace Technologies

Solace Technologies is an Industry Leading Manufacturer of Remote Vehicle Starters and Vehicle Security Systems. Solace Systems are designed and built with innovative features, the highest quality control standards and are the most environmentally friendly remote starters on the planet. Solace Remote Car Starters and Car Alarms are specifically designed for the sensitive electronics of today’s vehicles.

Solace Technologies….The Evolution of Auto Connectivity.

2-Way Remote Starters

Our 2-way remotes will let you know that your vehicle has performed the desired request. When you send a command to start the car, it will confirm that it received the command and they send back confirmation once the car has successfully started.

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1-Way Remote Starters

The 1-way remote starters employ one way communication between the remote control and the vehicle. You push a button on your remote control and, as long as you are within operating range, the vehicle receives the command and performs the desired request. The advantage of a one-way system is going to be the price. It is going to cost less than a comparable two-way system.

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Control Module

The SIC4 gives you more choices and solutions than any other remote starter, a choice on options, a choice on data modules, a choice on remotes and a choice on harnesses, all with a single micro size module. It can function as a remote starter, an alarm/starter combo, a stand-alone security system, or a simple keyless entry. Installations are lighting fast on all vehicles, not just limited number that can be done by data only.

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Looking to expand the features of your Solace system? Our Solace add-on accessories will upgrade and enhance your system to its fullest potential.

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