Solace Secure

Solace Secure

The Solace Secure System allows any of our remote vehicle starters to be easily programmed to offer advanced security features and OEM alarm.

Solace DDPS


The advanced Dedicated Driver Protection System designed into Solace Remote Starters and Alarm is a highly advanced protection system that detects an overload or short circuit on the DDPS output then shuts off the output in micro seconds to prevent the chance of damage to the Solace system. This advanced system will also offer protection to the vehicles sensitive circuits.

Solace Eco-Run


The Solace Eco-run system is a patent pending technology that will not only save vehicle emissions it will also save $$$ by using less fuel. The ECO-RUN system incorporates advanced sensors that detect when your vehicle has reached optimum interior temperature and comfort levels, then shuts down the remote starter preventing un-needed idling when the vehicle is already warm and comfortable.

There is also an anti-idling mode that will allow the system to automatically conform to anti-idling bylaws.

Solace HHP


The Solace HHP (hand held programmer) is an advanced programming and diagnostic tool for Solace Remote Starters and Alarms. The HHP easily connects to the antenna port and allows quick and accaurate programming and advanced system diagnostics, all in easy to read text. The HHP is just one of the many features of the Solace System that makes Solace the easiest and most advanced systems on the market today.